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Down to Zero

Taoist, Lao Tzu says:

Desire-less, one may behold the mystery:
Desiring, one may see the manifestations.
Both are mysteries Depth within depth The threshold of all secrets.
In a discourse on the I Ching, Wang Pi says:
Symbols serve to express ideas.
- Words serve to explain symbols.
- For a complete expression of ideas there is nothing like symbols
and for the complete explanation of symbols there is nothing like words.
By examining the words one may perceive the symbols.
By examining the symbols one may perceive the ideas.
The ideas are completely expressed by the symbols and the symbols are explained by words. Once the symbols have been grasped, the words may be forgotten.
Once the ideas have been grasped, the symbols may be forgotten.
Therefore he who clings to words does not get the symbols and he who clings to symbols does not get the ideas. Thus by forgetting the words one gets the symbols; by forgetting the symbols one gets the ideas.
The acquisition of the ideas depends upon forgetting the symbols and the acquisition of the symbols depends upon forgetting the words.

I will venture, with respect, to add the following:
By forgetting the ideas, all ideas, one is still present and aware - naked awareness.
- Do we really need an idea of being present, to be present?
All meaning is like an ephemeral series of connecting lines between ideas or thoughts, seemingly constructing a meaningful reality for the individuated consciousness, which we commonly call 'me' or I.
- Such 'stuff' is like an 'agent', a representative but it is not the original 'presence'.
However true understanding is not diverted through any such pattern of belief.
When the I concept is forgotten, then direct cognition is un-obscured and the pure senses and functions of presence are clearly 'no longer' seemingly hidden within phenomena of body-mind or world.
In the profound liberation of free flowing self realization, there is no form called I.
This is, of course, no benefit for the identified consciousness (person) and so a natural avoidance of emptiness is the cause of a restless mind.
The seeker occupies itself with constant seeking yet it longs for its own fulfillment. - Paradoxically its own completion by finding, is actually its own demise.
How can a seeker be a finder?
The transformation of the unsatisfied seeker into the satiated finder is the dissolution of that seeking desire and in that space is the recognition of what has always been.
A mirage contains no water, just as a seeker contains no substance apart from an apparent reaching or pulling, a divergent motion away from what is naturally restful and complete.
When all words, ideas and symbols fade in the mind, all that is left is what was always there, pure seeing pure knowing.
These pure functions only seem to depend on concepts for the one that has seemingly given their true identity to a concept called me.
The effortless pure function of seeing is not different from pure knowing these (apparently relative) aspects are always present as presence itself. - Time appears in the time-less.
As long as you take yourself to be a person in 'time' - how can these natural functions inform the mind of the true nature of things?



No 'Person' wants to Know - No person Can know.

During one's life, there may be points where one contemplates things in a broader sense.
Some drama may force one to re-assess things.
If I say I dont know why all this is happening to me, what could that really mean?
Is there really someone that things are happening to?
Of course, it appears that there is but is it really true?
You wont find many to discuss such a subject with.
Everyone takes themselves to be a person because that is what they have been told, more or less.
To suggest that there is no person is a preposterous suggestion and will be quickly dismissed as the ranting of a madman. - No one wants to investigate such ideas or facts.
However, this question of being a person or not actually cuts to the core of things.
To be told that there is no person is a highly potent pointer but it is also a very threatening suggestion.
The standard belief system is undermined or shaken up.
Who is going to explore such fundamental beliefs?
It is a destination that no one buys a ticket for.
What does all of your personal history amount to in this moment, right now?
The mind will immediately start to recall memories of this and that.
But I am speaking about this moment, not the past of memory.
Is any of it actually needed right now?
If you dont refer to those memories or give it some thought, does it have any bearing on this moment at all?
The ever present freshness of simply being present, right now, has no discernible foundations on the past.
All past experience is no longer present.
Is the past just an echo of the present?
When all those experiences were the actual, as they happened, it was the present, because nothing can happen except in the present.
What is a person? Is a person conscious?
Or is there an awareness of the apparent person and all its memories?
Such questions can be rather interesting to explore but not for everyone.
Are you an echo of the past?
Or are you the actuality of this moment?
Without a thought, you are still present and aware.
Thoughts come and thoughts go.
States come and states go.
Are you any of them?
Or all of them?
Whatever happens you remain as a witness to them all.
You are also aware of the process of witnessing.

Email: Good morning Gilbert,
I am always happy to receive e-mails from you, which is not only a response to my mails, but also a further help, in dissolving more of the me that's still left or seems to re-establish itself. - Youre honest and direct and I appreciate that very much.

Your fresh pointers are setting me straight!
"Not a member of a special club - no endless fees nor homages
required to an earth-bound egoistic teacher.
I also liked your sentence in your book "The First Instant:
Accept the message and GET OVER ( forget about) the MESSENGER!

This natural response of gratitude to the teacher and then wanting to worship him, this devotional spirit is so deeply engrained in some of us - however I do understand, see the
truth of what you are writing in your books.
The true teachers, not seeking to collect followers, sets his pupils free!
- Free to BE.
A deep respect and honoring of the teacher remains, however!
Thank you so much! D, in Canada.

Hallo D, in Canada.
Yes, I see that you recognize some of the salient points well enough.
The ones you mention have a flavor added from your background, in that you change some words slightly, words that I doubt that I actually wrote or said in the same way.
I am not being rude in pointing this out.
It shows how the mind translates things into what is familiar and remembers the translation, which slightly obscures the original impression or what was said.
Earth bound egoistic teacher - implies a teacher higher up in a System.
This is a subtle holding on to old religious beliefs.
The mind will assert its old notions repeatedly - as if it needs to survive in tact.
The dissolution of such beliefs is a threat.
Many get offended by the rawness of life.
When one goes to a third world country, the impact of the rawness of life is often overwhelming.
The old conditioned view of things is useless there and one may feel exposed and anxious.
A relaxation may happen and we may discover the richness of life in the freshness of each moment.
The apparent rawness turns out to be the livingness which we have sought, and have hidden from, for so long.
The same applies to hearing the clear message, the clear 'pointing' to what is true (in oneself).
In the 'appearance' of being separate individuals, most of us don't want to 'go there' because it is too threatening to our habitual and uncomfortable way of being semi-conscious.
Therefore, my books (including similar books by others) may only find a few readers and fewer still may realize this freedom from all 'things'.
The 'cutting to the core' reveals that there is no 'person' that is separate or alone.
The space like awareness which we all are, is not divided up into parts.
(It is) One without a second.
No teacher! No teaching!
No Higher Being or lower being.
One is ALL.
You are That.
Zero degrees of separation!

Email: Dear Gilbert,

I have a question? - I know questions are what keep me here in the trance yet.
Even though I believe (yet havent experienced) that all is One, I find it annoying that others seem to see the light at a much younger age and have a seemingly unfair advantage because they have lead princess type lives anyway etc. - I have a heavy storyline of woe in me. - This and that happened, so I have problems trusting that there is a sense/experience of belonging and a connectedness to all. - So I would like to know why some folks appear to just fall into non-duality so much more easily (than I). - And why would one handicap oneself with a heavy storyline before birth so to speak? - I hope this makes some sense. - Thanks, - Pauline.

Dear Pauline,
Even though I address you as a seeming separate person - There is actually NO separate individual with any independence.
All these apparent others are only appearances in what you are. What can you say about before birth? In this immediacy, why postulate about some time in the past and so entertain concepts about things that are not present. - If you believe that any such conditioning exists, then the time to explore it is now. Consciously invite it to come forward.
You will see that it is nothing but concepts based on memories or imagination. Those who go on about past lives are entertaining themselves with nonsense.
Grandiose stories or poor me stories have no power over pure seeing. Direct cognition cuts through them instantly. However, very few can discriminate between cognition and re-cognition or what the mind is bringing up from memory or imagination etc.
- This discrimination is necessary for knowing what is, as opposed to what is not.
Where the pure function of seeing is actually happening - is from beyond phenomena - appearances. This is very clearly obvious but few seem to grasp that fact.
-Why? - Because they are caught in mind stuff and the bit that is caught is a habitual reference point called me.
Your true essence is free of all phenomena. - That may seem rather fanciful but I assure you it is not.
It is only identified consciousness that refuses to acknowledge such pointing.
In that pure and empty space like awareness, everything is witnessed without there being any substantial form called a witness, as such. In recognizing that, some have ventured to call it liberation. That label becomes another trap for seekers, because it is a conceptual postulation for the seeker and it lies somewhere in the future for them. It will never come any closer than the perpetual tomorrow, which you may have noticed, it never arrives. At the stroke of midnight, this moment of now remains as it is. It is One Moment.
A story is a story. Heavy or otherwise, it is still a bunch of thoughts. - They are all space-time patterns appearing in and on (your) awareness.

Stay in that empty space of knowing long enough without fixating on anything and you will see that nothing of the story is real. The mind may feel uncomfortable and resist by grasping at familiar, habitual concepts. Watch the mind and relax into seeing whatever arises.
There is nothing to achieve and nothing to get. There is no one to get anything.
All the usual spiritual proper gander is propagated nonsense - spread about by ignorant gurus who are in love with their own self-image - but that is all in the appearance of things only.

There are two aspects to what you are.
The empty 'space', or No Thing-ness, which is suffused with Knowing - and then there is all of the manifestation that appears in THAT, including the body, mind, thoughts, emotions, states and what have you.
These apparent two aspects are actually One in essence.
You cannot separate them except conceptually.
Understand that the stories are all dependant on your attention. If you see through their foundations, they can no longer infiltrate your natural presence in the same way.
Belief in them is naturally cut off simply because you have seen them for what they are. To identify with them, there must be the energy of belief flowing into them.
Once known clearly, why would you give them any validity at all.
All we need is to UNDERSTAND what thought is and what it apparently does - then thought can serve us and do what it is meant to do simply translate what is.
Imagination is a useful thing at times but it so easily deteriorates into self-destructive notions, when it meets and is challenged by the apparent forces of a selfish, self-centred world.
The mind only appears to divide That One, that which can never be actually divided.
Oneness is registering in that knowing presence ( that you are) just as it is before the time bound processes of mind translates those impressions into the habitual notions of what is real.
What is real is never a notion or concept. They can only appear to be and the only place and time that they can appear is NOW.
Knowing THAT fact is all you need to know.
You are the light by which you see and know and nothing other than that.
What story do you need?
Get behind the translations of mind - that is where you are anyway - then the identified consciousness loses its apparent hold over you.
It is so simple effortless - but near impossible to convey to another - all we can do is point and say FULL STOP.
I will let you into a little secret. - Some of my friends think I am a bit of a loony and they write me off as not knowing anything worth knowing. They avoid reading any of my books and my website. I am not phased one bit by that. - In fact it is rather amusing but I must not laugh in their presence about that. - They get very annoyed.
What they miss is that they are making judgments about me based on their own habitual views.
This freedom is inexplicable and it appears, as things go, that only a rare one can clearly recognize what is being pointed out. Even so, I KNOW that this is totally available to everyone, no matter what their circumstances may be. All that seemingly prevents its recognition is a resistance to what is and that resistance must be tackled from within and dismantled. A shock from outside may deliver something that is necessary but it must be met with by an equal force of presence. - Otherwise it just flows round and round in the old habitual space-time patterns.

In that space - one sees that without thought, I do not fall apart - the pure functioning remains - untouched.
I am THAT - (You are That).

Warm regards - Gilbert



Everything is SEEN without a seer + New Note

Email from Mark West, living disciple of Nisargadatta Maharaj:

"Dear G,
In regard to your first book The First Instant , in your crystal clear seeing, you declare that everything IS this first instant of knowing. I now share with you a quote that resonates perfectly with your most profound insight.
It is from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj: "Understand this first moment, when we understood "we are"- the first moment of the body, when it understood "it is".

Recognize that very first moment.
Once you grasp this, then you are the highest of the gods, the point at which everything arises.
At that very point, everything also sets: the source and the end are the same point.
Nobody tries to understand this happening of the self, the happening of this "I am-ness.
"Once it is understood - I, the Absolute, am not this "I am-ness".

- Mark West

Today's Note:
Everything is clear and obvious.
'Who' is it that can't see that?
My first teacher, George Adie (who had been a pupil of G.I. Gurdjieff), said on one occasion, many years ago, that everything is seen.
The manner in which he made this singular announcement was a shock to hear and stimulated the consciousness.
It was meant to be a shock. - Gurdjieff was a master at delivering 'shocks'.
His teaching contains 'shocks' as in integral part of 'the system'.
In this particular case it stripped the mind stuff back, giving an opportunity to see from a new perspective, if only briefly.
At the time, for myself, I remember that it revealed for me some mind games that were going on.
Spiritual mind games: Who do we think we are fooling?
Decades can be wasted on spiritual games and self-image nonsense. - Self-indulgent mind games and erroneous feelings of superiority.
In our ignorance, we imagine that we hide behind a projected façade or image that we intentionally put up for others to see.
It is a foolish game.
We can cut it all away instantly and free the mind from such games.
Most do not have that inclination - better to keep the dream alive.
- Unfortunately for many, that is all they appear to possess Spiritual games and dreams.
Egoistic and conceited teachers attract the same elements in their followers and so it all goes round and round like a pathetic donkey on a treadmill.
For the clear sighted, nothing of it is obscuring the pure seeing at all and the apparent 'seer' is known to be nothing other than the pure function of Seeing.

Siddharameshwar said: Do not try to look through someone elses eyes.
All of our complications in mind stuff, are mostly based on things that are not.
Woven stories around images and they, themselves, are more or less totally imaginary.
If any facts are in them, they are usually grossly exaggerated or distorted with biased self-centered notions.
They are all flimsy and elusive when inquired into. - They reveal their nature via pure seeing.
Yet these things are what bring us so much trouble and (seemingly) cut us off from what is real. - We are never truly any of these 'things' that appear in our notions and beliefs.
This teaching, if we can call it by that name, is nothing other than the pure functions of seeing-knowing.
It is so direct, it needs no support from concepts at all yet it appears that we need clear and precise concepts to eliminate less clear and precise concepts.
This apparent 'process' of elimination goes on until the natural clarity of our pure functions have eliminated the minds indulgences in, or identification with, concepts.
Why am I telling you all this?

It is a mystery.

Dear G,
I am very grateful to you for writing this fabulous book:
Everything Is Clear and Obvious.
I have just completed an order for three further copies, for my many "seeking" friends.
I would like to help pass your "clear pointers" on to others. - D.

NEWS: - We have streamlined the ordering process and have added new ways to purchase the books and CD's etc, other than through paypal. - This is good news for some who avoid p/p. - Paypal still opperates of course for those who wish to use it. - It works fine for most.
Due to repeated requests, the CD Shining through the mind will be re-released in a couple of weeks or so.



1. Nothing to do? & 2. the Practice

1. So, our illustrious Non Duality Teacher says there is nothing you can do about this self realization.
What a useless teacher he is!
It leaves the seeker feeling helpless and confused, does it not?
It reveals more about that helpless nature of that teacher than he would prefer to reveal.
Of course, in a certain way it is correct but the mind cannot make that leap of faith which he wants you to make. - The minds habitual beliefs must be deconstructed by an active investigation. - The self-centre will not vanish or lose its apparent power without a thorough testing of its nature. The 'me' plays its part in the first steps of investigation but the essence of it all is 'seeing'.
By asserting oneself as this self-centre ( and we are all familiar with that), the mind learns of its own limits and a realization penetrates those old beliefs and so that intelligence that one is, begins to shine through the whole belief system illuminating it for what it is.
So it is that I say, make a wholehearted investment of effort, as much as you can muster, take it to its limits. - Expand it all, exaggerate it.
- You ARE the conscious presence in which ALL the activity is taking place.
In this way, one comes to know the nature of all the content of mind, including that self-centre, called me.
Telling you that you can do nothing about self realization is The Way of a Wimp.
It only leads to being a stand up comic on a retirement plan scheme.
So, assign that teacher to the past.
- Take your own efforts to their limits and make this thorough investigation into the nature of self (and everything else).
- There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. - Your natural freedom must be actualized one way or another.
- Even though in essence, you are already free, as long as there is a belief that you are not free, one must actively challenge that very fixation, that erroneous belief that I am not free.

2. Mere words can ruffle up the most stern devotee.

The practice of non attachment is really ignorance parading as knowledge.
It is nothing but attachment to concepts and the idea that I, by doing, can alter the very nature of things. - When all along this identified form, this entity, the doer, I, is nothing more than just another thing itself. - It is an appearance, a mere belief.
When the mind sets out to find silence or peace, it is already a disturbance in and on that which is never disturbed from its silent understanding.
Practice? - It is all a fiction and no result is possible because freedom is not a result that will arise from action or non action.
- It already IS.
Why do you not know this? Is it only because you put your faith in another? - while all along this freedom is obvious. Do you ignore that in preference to doing what that special one says you should do? - If so, it is a bad compromise and most probably full of failed attempts and pretentious images and self evaluations. Isnt it all self-centered activity in spiritual garments?
I say without the slightest doubt, that a guru that promises liberation as a possible acquisition is a fraud. - When he or she promises sudden enlightenment (in some tomorrow) via his or her influence and instructions, that my friend is nothing but ego talking.
Such teachers can only teach practices and methods because that is all they have.
They are no more than a regular yoga teacher with a few more fancy beads and a lot of pomp and circumstance. - They love to make a spectacle of themselves. - Red carpets and white limos sure smells of conceitedness, does it not.
In not directly pointing you to the fact of your immediate freedom and in addressing each one personally in a thorough investigation of what prevents that realization, that deviation of your attention onto less pertinent factors, is the ignorant and fraudulent act of a fraudulent teacher.
There is NO excuse for such behavior.
For their own selfish purposes, they must engage your mind with some extraneous fruitless activities. - They plan all your activities to occupy your mind and so ensnare you in their trap.
They do not point you directly to your natural freedom because they do not know how to.
And that is only because they themselves have not realized freedom themselves.
They only do a good (actually bad) imitation of someone that is free.
Anyone with clear sight can see what they are up to.
So, that is what they teach bad imitations of freedom.
They teach you how to punishing the body and mind with practices and methods which DONT work! - and they can never work! - because freedom is not a reaction or result from any practice at all.
It already is.
These dummy gurus encourage the ignorant with praise and merit points, all designed to feed the egoistic appetite and spiritual self image, and that, they themselves are so familiar with.
And they take all the cream and leave you with the curd of dissatisfaction.
Strangely enough, it is all so very popular.
- It works like a dream!
- And it is a dream.



All is a reflection in mind - except awareness itself.

Note: If you are serious about 'seeing through' the trap of the mind, then I highly recommend Bob Adamson's new CD. - There is enough material in it to 'finish' the job. - In dropping the 'old ideas and views' and with paying attention in a relaxed manner, everything can be revealed as the 'pointers' indicate.
The CD is only available via Bob's Website - see his Webpage on my website for the link.

Today's Note:
Stop grasping at straws. - Stop trying to look through the eyes of the guru or whoever.
Get the message and be done with it.
Stop 'setting up camp' in conceptual terrains in the mind. - That 'campsite' is an illusion and the ground is not really there. - Reduce it back to that which cannot be eliminated you presence - with what is.
As long as there is identification with any other, whether it appear as a so-called being or as a simple concept, then that identification itself will divert the mind into a realm of belief and it will continually bounce those reflections around in the mind.
When you look into that bathroom mirror, know without a doubt that that reflection cannot see or be anything other than a reflection. - It is the same with the me the self-centre. - It cannot see or be anything other than a reflection.
No one can see through that deviation except what you truly are. Awareness seeing knowing presence.
The ego with all its equipment and baggage can only construct a mirage, a castle in the ether. - No one can live in it except a phantom. - Is that what you are? - A phantom. - All the sad stories of this and that, of the me, keep the mind occupied and that occupation is keeping the mind bound to a mirage. - All the glorification of another, keep the mind occupied with a separation that does not exist.
In the spiritual game, no one wants to cut to the chase. - No one wants to hear what must be heard. - To really hear it, is the end of the addictive attachments. - It will be the end of me. - Who wants that? - In the spiritual dream - No one!
It is not possible for that me to want its own destruction. It never existed to either want or not want anything.
The cutting News is that there is no one there, anywhere - to want freedom or not want freedom. - Freedom is all there is.
All of the problems of the self-centre are, that, that you is an indulgence in a dream.
All of your problems arise from the fact that you have unwittingly taken on board the position of playing second fiddle in an Orchestra, which is performing to an imaginary audience, a disinterested audience. - Playing second fiddle is a following, an automatic response and this is deadening. that is a mind wandering off repeatedly into the past of memory or a fictitious future, to other places and other times.
Be innovative cut the crap snatch the lead violin metaphorically speaking take the immediate position - be this cutting edge of direct experiencing this presence. Simply be the immediacy that you are.
There is no realized being anywhere. - Concepts are concepts. They cannot limit what you truly are. Verify it for yourself.
All there is, is THIS immediate Realizing presence.
How can you not be That?



How could it be 'any' Otherwise?

"Once there was a time when I could have joined you in scatterbrain chat about nonsense".
Is that true?
See how we construct a triad in our minds. Past and future with a vague present as the Third element.
The Past is gone and invisible.
The Future is not here and is invisible.
The Present is a concept and so it also is invisible.
All there truly is IS THIS.
These three worlds we jump to and fro from in our minds are not real.
Rest back for a moment - in this Moment.
You dont have to wait until you are old and incapacitated.
Is there such a thing as time?
The furthest mountain is cognized immediately.
An intellectual will tell you it takes time for the light to reach the eyes and more time for the brain to process the images and then more time to name it all etc.
Isnt it all just happening in this NOW.
No chronological instrument can separate this now into any parts, except in the minds of the user.
A lone clock stands in an abandoned house, ticking away in this immediacy.
What time has past? -The clock ceases to tick. -Has anything transpired. - Does this story really change anything? - Something may be stimulated. - Something may trickle past the hypnosis. - A single drop of rain touches a parched, dried up leaf.
- Life unfolds everywhere, ever fresh, just as it is.
- No time passes - because a concept has no substance and there truly is no before or after.
- So keep chopping wood.
- Keep carrying water.
- The Zen master is yourself.
- How could it be 'any' otherwise?



Free of all 'things'.

Free of all things.
Yes that says it efficiently.
But how to convey this in more words?
It seems impossible and the language does not lend itself so well to the task. Yet somehow something is expressed of it and it appears that some actually taste what is being pointed to, in themselves.
It appears that words can easily bind the mind into slavery.
Freeing the mind from words and their hold challenges the poverty of language and words.
Poetry is needed but if one is not a poet, then it just has to come out the way it can and does.
This space in which everything is appearing is not cluttered by things at all.
There is a vastness to this presence. - Somehow it is free space and nothing actually touches it, even though everything appears to occupy it almost ceaselessly.
Things everywhere.
City chaos, noise and clambering bodies rushing here and there like ants.
- Each one believing it has volition and some sort of purpose.
- Some appear to have compassion and many more appear very selfish.
- Are there invisible stings pulling them to the office or some other destination?
- Mobile phone conversations, seemingly about trivia, shared with all around.
- A pretty woman gets on the train and the charade of activity is often better than going to the movies.
- She has taken great care to be 'dressed to kill' - but she appears to not know how to deal with the responses.
- It seems that she has a particular prey in mind and these local specimens are not on the menu.
- The drama of life, on show all about the place - and its free.
Are we free to observe this drama in its full florishing beauty? - By letting whatever response that arises, to be what it is, without resistance, then the drama may well remain free flowing.
By not assigning my identity onto anything nor by limiting myself to being fixed in this body, the subtle sensation is one of vastness.
- Unbound space like awareness.
It appears that things and events encroach upon this openness but if one simply comes back to the simplicity of just seeing directly from ones true nature, then it is known thoroughly that nothing sticks to this open space.
- Not one molecule of it stays put.
- Take a look at the sky and see how big it really is.
Things and events appear and disappear. - I am nothing that can be reduced to any place or event.
- The space is filled with things, some of them appear to be the same things on a cyclic rotation. - The office or home. - All is appearing in the immediacy of this moment.
- The old hypnotic trance has been broken.
- Who is asleep? - Who is awake?
- No longer is it my concern.
- Each moment is fresh and new.
- The dynamic display of awareness is ever fresh.
- It is wakefulness itself.



Oneness is a concept only


Gilbert, I contacted you a while back and have been to your website a few times, as well as having spoken to John Wheeler. I have a question for ya....!!!
With direct experiencing, isn't the final understanding this; "there is no separate individual, and all there is is THIS"? (G: Yes - true enough)
If that's the case, who is doing the direct looking?
Isn't it ultimately just Oneness seeing through the illusion that it put there to reveal Oneness.
Please help out with a few pointers. So, close to clear seeing, actually there are many times that this is beyond belief and fully understood (by no one), and yet there are times that the "me" returns....basically, going from "me-ing" to "be-ing" and back and forth.
Bob showed you, you showed Burt - or we can say that, but then again - Oneness showed itself! (G: Shows! Present tense!)
Can you point me - to seeing the obvious that is so easily overlooked - so that the TRUE is seen and the false is dropped for good?

Thanks, Arthur.

Gilbert answers:
- You asked for it!
(some words may appear cold in their use but I assure you my heart is warm.
Brief-ness and cutting to the core can appear blunt, if you want a 'comfy' read)

Isn't it more like this: 'The true' can't be SEEN - It IS the SEEING.
(That is why Bob says: "Start from the FACT that you ARE That".)

Seeing is happening.
That sentence is far more profound than most can appreciate.
If you explore the place where seeing is happening, you will find only empty space.
The reference point of looking is of the mind.
Seeing is actually beyond and not limited by any reference point or any 'witness'.

To say that there is a Oneness is just a concept. - Remove that and what is left?
Clear and Obvious. - THIS immediacy just as it IS.
Still missing IT?
Let's explore it for a bit. - Weaving in and out of things.
You may think you know a great deal and have much knowledge.
What do you know of that pure space of knowing?
It is boundless like space. ('Your' own knowing is not different from the 'all knowing'.)
No entity could ever encompass it.
All apparent entities can only arise 'in it' and nowhere else.
We take ourselves to be limited and this happens via concepts and what we commonly call conditioning. - Although all that 'stuff' is Trans-Parent unto pure seeing.
- It has no parents - uncaused.
- Now the tendency is for the mind to objectify those words,'Pure Seeing', and so all the trouble starts and all trouble is in the realm of mind translation, which is 'of the Past'.
It is NEVER in the pure and direct Present Evidence.
The most profound journey you will ever take is to attempt an entery into that pure space of knowing. - How is that done? - A thousand glorified Gurus will tell you how but it is all nonsense. - It can't be done!!! Ever - because you ARE that space of knowing and the one attempting to enter can only vanish!
Very few attempt it because it is just too scary or too much and the baggage of belief and attachment is all too cumbersome. - Seeing is clouded by Mind Stuff (fixating awareness).
'They' believe that they are something and that something resists quite feverishly any revelations of its own nothingness.
(That something is only 'made' of resistance. - In naming them as 'them', there is a suggestion that 'they' are something real.)

Since you imagine that you can't see what is clear and obvious, we must use concepts - and the concept of 'time' appears in the equation like this:
'Once' this investigation is done, then just like a bath empties its contents, 'once' the plug is pulled, so one's own true nature is emptied of erroneous beliefs and a myriad paraphernalia.

I suggest that you examine your own question to me again, carefully. - WHO wants to Know?

Take out the concept of time from the equation in your question.
Remove all concepts of something 'doing' 'something'.

Seeing is still happening - even if you remove all concepts, seeing remains.
Then see that there is NO why?.
Seeing is happening.
Knowing is happening.

Did YOU make these aspects of awareness start happening?
Pure Knowing is happening and it is NOT knowledge - it is simple, ever fresh KNOWING, right NOW!!!! And NOW!!! And NOW!!!!
- Is it 'final'? - Can it ever be final?
- The 'Final Understanding' is a Carrot for the ignorant.
Ashrams are built on such nonsense and seekers get trapped in service to an egoistic guru. - How absurd is that!? - All part of the dream!!!? - Well, you tell me!!!
- If you truly know it all to be dream like, then where is the problem?

So, what happened? - Nothing!

However, as a seeker in the world of phenomena, I was encouraged to examine my own consciousness.
A simple and honest teacher 'pointed' me to it over and over. I did not give up.
My mind squirmed and tried to hold onto some false identity but the present evidence is just too overwhelming and the struggle gave itself up.
It was NOT an event in time.
It 'was' and IS - SEEING.
Ordinary SEEING.
It is still happening here just the same as it is happening there with you.

It truly is NO Big Deal. - Who wants to know that? (Everyone wants to be special and have a special Hero Saviour or a recipe book for a New Earth. - It's all seduction of the intellect and that indulgence is the very thing that appears to cloud present seeing, even though it can never be clouded, since pure seeing remains untouched. - Who knows that appart from the authentic presence, commonly called 'I'?)

Speaking now of my own experiencing: I disappeared in the investigation.
The essence of the investigation is SEEING.
However that I returned as an appearance in the space of knowing.
Yet nothing changed in this essence of presence.
I am free as I always have been.
This is the message which spontaneously is pointed to by those who truly are free.

How rare are those clear messengers? - and how rarer are those who wish to discover their own true nature? Are you one of these?
It is a path with no ground and it is fraught with illusions and mind games.

The paradox is that you are already THAT freedom.
THIS freedom.
Nothing needs be done and there is no one to do it anyway.
Just SEE what is so very obvious.

Note: It can never be objectified.

Like the air you breathe, it is not noticed except in glimpses.
By speaking about all this, I may hold your attention long enough for you to glimpse something.
The mind will try to make something of that glimpse.
Let things be and just see and keep seeing.
You dont even have to make any effort in this seeing.
Far too simple and that is exactly why no one gets it.
They already have it and could not BE without it.
I would add this:
I do not consider myself as anyone special.
What I have discovered is the great prize.
I was assisted in this revelation.
Bob is that one.
He has been saying the same things for so many years.
His first book is packed with pointers, yet so very few recognise them for their intrinsic value.
I have been active in spreading the word about Bob.
The conventional world ignores it all as nonsense.
It has to. - Would the collective dream vanish? - Let your own dream vanish and SEE for yourself. - From one perspective I am awake and wandering through a world of hypnotized 'people'. There is only one true perspective and that can't be called a perspective at all.
'You' are insisting on finding out what it is, even though it is already presently active.
Drop the charade of being a seeker and see.

No matter what I appear to do, I am free and NOTHING compounds into anything that I can call the past. The dreamer is the dream. The awakened one is the wakefulness. One is transient and the other is the unchanging nature of Presence, which is everywhere and nowhere specific at all. (Thus the seeker shoots 'Blanks')
There is NO Final Understanding!!!!
The seeker of that can never arrive at its own projected images, just like you can't drink the water in a mirage.

All there is, and ever is, is THIS moment.

And this moment is the Eternal Revelation JUST IT IS.
There is NO entity here or there or anywhere.
I am the KNOWING of THAT.
I can match the willingness of anyone who wishes to make the investigation.
So many want to talk about it all. They read a mish mash of spiritual books and wonder why they are confused.
They jump from one teacher to another and repeat their habitual pathways to nowhere.
What can I do about that?
I am present and aware.
No big deal anymore.
Stop making a big deal out of it all and just SEE what is.
Stop believing what the mind is telling you.
It is of the PAST.
Present Evidence is IT. Present evidence INCLUDES your 'own' presence, not as a body but as pure knowing. - It is the vastness of itself. - Who are you to claim it for yourself?

You are THAT.

Why is it so unsatisfactory? - (If it is!)
It can only be a self centre that is unsatisfied.

I am present and aware.
- Isn't that also true 'right there' where 'you' 'appear' to be?

If you can find a fault in what I say, it can only be in your own mind.
As all things are.

Warm regards - Gilbert.



Are you Free?

Todays Note:

What is freedom?
Freedom is not found through concepts. Freedom IS.
Stop believing that the intellect will bring you to an understanding of freedom or Non Duality.
The most elusive factor is the most obvious.
Everything appears in this ONE - Just as everything appears in (your) awareness.
Same principle! - Same same.
It is all too obvious.
All the mind can do with it, is to conceptualize more and more realms of analysis and conceptual projections.
Isn't there awareness of it ALL no matter what it appears as.
Same principle! - Too damn obvious.

All the worldly evidence (conceptual knowledge) contradicts the direct knowing which is always present. - It is given no credence since its nature is emptiness.
It needs none!
In the ordinary 'sense of things', you have most likely taken on board all kinds of knowledge and it is ALL second hand and 'of the past'.
Why does the Professor forget where he left his glasses? - Because he has 'set up camp' in the intellect - and is not 'consciously' connected to his presence and the immediate receipt of impressions appears to by-pass him. - 'He' as a psychological 'thing', ignores the present evidence in preference for 'like minded stuff', a mindscape of theories and explanations of things that are not even 'here'.
- Precious Knowledge - of erroneous factors and hypothesis.
- Does it ring a bell? - Eccentric characters - off centre.
- The 'One pointedness' of meditation techniques is similar. - Myopic.
All this knowledge has come from out there, while what is closest is ignored.
In a certain way, every molecule of this universe is pointing back at what you are.
The very impressions received are the nourishment of knowing everything you need to know.
We ignore it and go with our personal drama and dreams.
When the attention ceases to flow out like a bleeding and dying beast nor into imaginary mindscapes, - When the attention is retained in a delicate balance of presence to what is, then the boundary between inside and outside vanishes.
- It is expressed as I am That.
I am That is a destroyer of ignorance and imaginary boundaries.
I am Free is equally devastating to the limited beliefs of any seeker.
The natural courage to utter those words is there as the untapped potentiality that you ARE.
Who needs a Guru?
Claim what is naturally your own and then discard the claimer and be the freedom that you ARE.



One Moment of Eternal realization

What is it about?
As with everything, it's ALL about This Moment.
You whole life has appeared to lead right up to this moment.
Have you ever been out of this moment?
Isn't it perfect just as it is? - Isn't there immediate realization happening just as it is. - Seeing is happening.
If there is some thought that this moment is somehow wrong or imperfect, then whats wrong with that?
Dont get pinned down to some flimsy opinion. - Be free and see.
Knowing that it is all perfect just as it is, is not a time bound limited view and the view does not belong to a reference point or place.
- This freedom of a clear view is here at all times. - It belongs to no one and is not limited to any moment in time or any instrument of cognition.
It is your true identity even though you may be seemingly caught in some limited view from a fixating mind set. - The one who is seemingly caught is nothing other than a thought.
Seeing that is from beyond the thought.
Seeing is beyond all thoughts. - Seeing is happening quite naturally.
For the so called seeker, that timeless fact is a key to a free and open realization.
Time bound realization is just colours in the rainbow.
Timeless realization is not limited in time at all.
The famous death of the me is nothing but clear and immediate seeing.
That is far too simple for the sophisticated seeker who is looking for a big deal.
This ordinary awareness, this simple wakefulness in this moment is unchanging.
Going with the changeful keeps the seeker seemingly bound to its portable prison.
No matter what is happening and no matter what circumstance you believe yourself to be in, you are not in anything and the matter of it all is clearly visible.
The simple and obvious is overlooked. - You are invisible.
Whatever is happening is perfect just as it is. - You aint going nowhere.
All time arises from no time. It is this eternal realization of the Self, manifesting as the All.
All possibilities are being actualized in this moment.

Note 2: Informal talks on the subject of Non Duality will be held in Byron Bay at some point soon. - Anyone in that area who is interested can contact me for the details. - My email address is on the right hand side of the main website, page 1. The Newcastle area is also planned. - Same applies to those interested.

From my Notepad, written on the bus in wriggly biro, on my way to work:
Nothing is separate and not even one particle exists outside of this infinite field in which it appears within. - Of course, all notions of within and without are only arbitrary points of reference. - The notion that one is trapped in the limitations of being a helpless individual is purely conceptual. - Its all conceptual for the seeker. - The obvious is non-conceptual and ignored.
However, on close examination, the nature of concepts is found to be spacious.
That may appear to be paradoxical for the habituated mind view.
Assuming you can understand it, I will continue.
How can something spacious be binding? - How can a concept bind you?
Is it the fixation that contains the sense of binding? The limited sense?
The senses are mostly closed off and there is a sense of the attention spiraling around a few reference points in mind.
Little of the natural sensations and impressions are being consciously received.
This is the realm of a limited view from a mindset occupied by nothing that is actually within the clear and obvious present evidence.
Its all most probably imported from some other time and place or circumstances.
Exploration of any fixation reveals more spaciousness. - Direct cognition comes to the fore. Natural wakefulness dissolves the fixation simply by removing the energy of belief, once things are seen for what they are. - Usually its all concepts parading as a story about me and other than me.
An immediate and extensive investigation reveals more space than anything else.
Isn't it just a sense of spacious knowing without any sense of attachment to anything at all?
The courage that is needed to make this investigation is the very nature of the indestructible spaciousness itself. - Conscious presence!
Isn't this why the teacher points out the news? - That you are not the body, - you are not the mind.
Further more: Taking yourself to be a limited being, you associate yourself with concepts of limitation.
Your true essence is already transcendent to all concepts or their implications.
The true nature of mind is clear and empty. - In that knowing emptiness everything is made known. Instead of associating yourself with these limited concepts, why not rest in that openness and see clearly that all direct experience-ing is taking place right there in awareness itself - and not in the realms of limited concepts and mind fixations.
So many make a big deal out of this spiritual investigation.
It's no big deal. - It is obvious and ordinary. - It is simply seeing what is.
Sense the space in which the body is appearing now. - Let whatever comes up in the mind just be there. - The space does not disappear. - Whatever arises in mind flows in and out.
Love is felt as a warm spaceous feeling towards oneself. - It is not taught or learned.
- It is neither conditioned nor unconditioned.

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