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Beyond what you call yourself

Self-Realization is simply SEEING-KNOWING that there is no 'me'.

Who is seeing?

Irrespective of what you think - Being IS.

Incomprehensible for mind - yet natural for being.

No concept can ever be the SEEING-KNOWING

The Profound Evidence is (the) Knowing.

So many words - for something so simple

Have a closer look into 'things'.

Can THIS immediate presence be postponed?

No point of view is it.

Awareness is Non Dual - Mind is the transient content of awareness.

SEEING is happening - but where to look?

Can you enter into that clear space from which thoughts emerge?

Just Do it ! - Investigate.

Emptiness speaks to Emptiness

Complete Fabrication? - For Whom?

'Who' is going to cross over to 'where'?

Down to Zero

No 'Person' wants to Know - No person Can know.

Everything is SEEN without a seer

No fancy stuff - just clear pointing.

1. Nothing to do? & 2. the Practice

All is a reflection in mind - except awareness itself.

How could it be 'any' Otherwise?

Free of all 'things'.

Oneness is a concept only

Are you Free?

One Moment of Eternal realization

One more 'Shot' into Emptiness.



Beyond what you call yourself

In the bondage of appearing to be a limited being, an individual, there is a desperation, a trying to hang onto 'things' that are not there - here. - They are all concepts and mind projections. - You imagine terrifying things and you scare yourself to death with them. - You dream of pleasant things that are nowhere to be seen in the actual present evidence. - You dream a stream of dreams and you flutter about in imaginary worlds of past and future. - Anxiety is a regular visitor.
When all obscuring factors are seen through, the portal of what we can call 'Awakened Mind' opens fully - all is seen and the apparent 'believed in' substance of your dreams of separateness vanishes - forever - never to be believed in again. - They may still appear in a transparent form in mind, like a visiting butterfly in the garden - but they are known instantly for what they are.

In naked awareness there is no 'becoming'. - No coming or going, for it is non-dual awareness. - All that comes and goes is merely an appearance. - Everything appears in exactly the same way. - I cannot say what the difference is because it is actually undifferentiated and the problems did not exist in the first instant.
I am, you are, this first and only instant. - At no point can any I or a you leave this. All manner of things appear and disappear in this first instant. - None of these appearances last. - All are transient. - The master may appear to bring you back conceptually to this first instant (which you have never left). - Because he lives entirely from this first instant, his speech arises directly from it. - He is not speaking from any platform in mind. - His words may seem profound.

This profoundness is the living vibration of unobstructed expression. - It is expressed from and as the immediate knowing, it is a reciprocating resonance in yourself. - It is not some memorized thing that he is telling you. - He is the knowing of what he says.
You may believe that you come and go from this immediate presence. - It is not so. Only conceptually do you appear to depart from this first instant. - The remembering and the forgetting are just mind stuff. - All is as it ever was. - Yet it never was, is, or will be anything other than this first instant. - You are That.

Even though many things are repeated here in this text, direct cognition is unobstructed. - Our habitual way of being is full of repetition.
When the 'apparent shift' takes place, from habitual mind-stuff and recognized things into direct and immediate knowing, then this taste will not leave you. - It cannot leave you because you are this direct knowing and you have always been THAT.
You are in fact, nothing but this. - (Where is the doubt?)
The innate knowing of this is it (also). - The content of this immediacy seemingly arises within an experiential realm (mind) and this is nothing but direct cognition.
It is nothing but this. - It never splits into two.

Know it for yourself!
It is all immediate and never anything else but immediate (There is no ever or never - past or future in this). - All of the mind realms, words, images and concepts are nothing but this. - The dualistic mind cannot sit quietly with the non-dual.
You are taken beyond the dualistic mind. - To go beyond the mind you simply rest in open awareness.

Beyond what you call yourself
Within what you call yourself,
Is this vastness of direct cognition,
Untouched by anything.
The words are pointing at it
All that appears is it
Appearances never move or stray from it
The essence in what is seen
And the essence in what is seeing
are One.
All there is is Knowing.
Even what you call mind is nothing but it
When you look for mind, all you find is direct knowing
- cognition.

Because it is all there is - and because there is nothing other than this, there is nothing to compare with it. - So you do not notice its significance in what you call mind. And yet your very seeing - knowing is nothing but this.

This knowing does not come and go
It is vast like the ocean
Does the fish notice the clear water?
No water - no fish
The water is full of fish
The fish is full of water
Not two.

See that what you truly are, in essence, which is this direct cognition, do not move - you are not this movement. - You know because of this movement. - There is only knowing happening. - The immediate intelligence energy is the pure potentiality of this movement. - You are the movement of knowing - You are That.



Self-Realization is simply SEEING-KNOWING that there is no 'me'.

One - without a second.

Nothing that is expressed, by anyone at all, can ever bring you 'home' - because you never ever left 'home'.
As Nisargadatta says: "All paths lead to unreality".
In the clear and present nature of your own being - there is a total openness - is it being ignored? - Is it something fearful? - Is it so threatening? - Do we engage ever so willingly with anything but THAT openness? - just to avoid the absolute naked 'truth' of it. - All of our endeavors, all of our labors are in vain and we suffer unnecessarily - all because we believe in something that does not actually exist.
'Who' is it happening to?

Anyone who has personal investments in a future time, in believing that they will acquire some special state at some future moment, is simply ignoring what is clearly obvious right now.

Anyone who teaches methods and practices about such fictional attainments is clearly ignoring what is clearly obvious right now. - They imagine that they are doing great service for their companions and that story is an indulgence in a fabrication. Such is the nature of appearances. We believe in the appearance and the story and we ignore our true nature. The idea of being present is just an idea and any story woven around that idea is a fantasy. The FACT of Being Being presence-awareness Awareness of presence is not an idea or a concept. It is wordless and silent. - That is understanding beyond the realms of duality, good, bad, I have got it and I have lost it.

In the clear and obvious present evidence of THIS timeless Being-ness, right here, right now, all manner of concepts and ideas come and go. In seeing them for what they are, there is a complete knowing that they can never truly transport you away from presence. Who is it that believes that they leave this presence or that they are dislodged from presence-awareness? Who?

You may reply It is me. Well, what is that me? - Is that what you truly are?
The me is only a thought and a story. - How can a fictional character attain anything, no matter how elaborate the practices are?

News: It will be of interest to German speaking readers to know that the first part of Bob Adamson's Book "One Essence - appearing as Everything" is now translated into German and a FREE PDF is download-able from Bob's official website. - A link to his website is on the shining through the mind links page.

Today's Note:
The relief in letting go of all practices, (after many years) in relaxing back into simple presence with this ACTUALITY - with 'what is' and seeing what unfolds from that, is profoundly refreshing. That is not a sale-able practice or teaching so it is ignored (or even discounted as anything worthwhile - by the experts - it puts them out of work).

The simplicity of being what YOU ARE is not a practice The pretense of being what you are not is painfully exhausting.

The postulation of a Final Understanding is nothing but 'bait' for a mind distorted by its own obsessions about finding something imagined.
Self-realization is recognizing THAT - that which has always been known beyond all the 'thinking' - the essential nature of being-knowing-presence.
There is no finality to understanding. - The 'un-folding' nature of phenomena - space and time patterns - is simply a movement in stillness. - LIFE.

Some call it God - the ALL KNOWING PRESENCE.
There is NO duality in Non Duality.
'I AM' is your essential name - It is God's name also.
"I and the Father are One".

That is an expression that resonates in Being, if it is recognized.
It is an expression of One Essence - it is not a 'special someone' equating himself with 'The Almighty'. - That is Obvious and yet it is so mis-understood by 'the many' and of course that is the way it has to be.
The Singular core of being abides in ALL equally and without distinction.
The 'Sun shines upon everyone, without discrimination'.

(All the furor over 'same sex marriage' in recent days is so revealing of the ignorance of 'man isolated from his true essence' - The arrogance of 'egoic man' making judgments about 'others' and drawn deeper into his own convoluted arrogant attitude - that he is an 'agent' of 'God's Word'.) - I hear someone saying: "For the Love of God - Wake up, before it is too late." - Of course the word 'God' is so loaded with so many associations, it no longer 'resonates' cleanly.
'Ocean' could serve well as a replacement.
A drop of rain as it strikes the ocean is not rejected by the Ocean.
There is a moment of surface tension and a total dissolution of the 'separate drop'.
In this knowing - one cannot find that 'separate drop', that 'self-center' BECAUSE it never ever was anything but 'water' - ONE Essence.

Understanding is clear and clean - It is untouched by mis-understanding.
The mis-understanding is we take ourselves to be 'something' that we are not.
All confusion arises because of that misapprehension.
It seems rather odd that a clear exposition may be expressed in devastating proportions, such as the talk Bob Adamson gives at the beginning of his meetings and it is not heard.

When I first heard one of those talks, it was obvious that the information was thick with pointers so thick that it seems impossible to assimilate it all in one hearing.
One may need to hear it a few times each case is unique. Just because it is repeated, maybe in exactly the same words, is not a disadvantage - it is always a gift - until it is heard. - Plus, one may well need to contemplate the meanings of it all and follow what resonates clearly 'within you'.

In my case, I took it as the most profound exposition I had ever come across. Something resonated clearly, even though my mind struggled to get it, that struggle dissipated naturally, the longer I stayed with and AS that resonance and saw and felt the truth of it it began to be recognized in my direct experiencing my daily life.
That resonance did not leave and it was discovered to be this natural presence that I am. Now the same essential points are expressed from here without a need to repeat the same words. - It is expressed naturally without any dependence upon the past or memory. It is Known It is KNOWING from beyond any doubt and ALSO from beyond any concept. The concepts form themselves naturally each moment. This applies to everyone whether they have this knowledge or not. That is not an opinion it is obvious.

The concept of a lineage is just that a concept. This knowing-presence this presence of knowing has no need of any support from any conceptual constructs.
Everything appears in THAT.
The Single Essence permeates ALL. - The wholeness is obvious. - The wholeness of a single apricot is obvious even though it may appear to be a separate thing.

We may strive to get to the inner circle, to the seed - but in attempting to do that, we ignore the fact that the Essence of what I am is in the finest fur-like hair of the skin, in the flesh of the fruit, in the case of the seed and also in and AS the potential germination of that seed it is the Whole Apricot.
These are words expressing something that is indescribable. There is nothing more obvious than Oneness.

All the words, in all the world cannot reveal THAT, that which is so clearly obvious.
Because it has always been here and because it is so clearly obvious, the mind has never given it a thought or even named it - and so it has no words for it. And yet all words appear in that clear obviousness. The understanding and the recognition of words, or anything at all, is due to this clear obviousness. - Untranslated, unaltered, unmodified - direct knowing.
I AM THAT - I am not the mere words, ideas and images that take 'form' and appear in the mind.

The illusion of a separate self, searching for support, for some sense of substance, in order that it may add some substance to its own in-substantial nature, is itself an illusion. - It is a mis-identification with the appearance. - In the clear space of immediate cognition this can be recognized not by someone it is recognized as a falsehood by and in the essential being that presence of knowing is what you are.

This knowledge is not for the benefit of anyone. The stored or shared knowledge about this fact is not THAT essential being that Knowing.
Knowing is unceasing presence and THAT is not limited to any form whatsoever.
All forms are appearances in THAT.

This is why a master will say You are not the body nor the mind.
He may also say Nothing is happening.
That living essential being-presence is not a happening in time or space.
The data, which gives rise to the sense of Time and Space, is an appearance in THAT.
As an apparent seeker of THAT, that seeker is naturally bound by its own nature.

A seeker can never become a finder. When the seeker disappears a transitory finder may appear temporarily yet this finder is simply the mind buying back into a story of seeker-finder. The slightest evidence of freedom from seeking is exaggerated by the obsessive nature of the seeker. - In the dream of seeking many are easily tricked into an endless cyclic pattern. Methods are given, which bring experiences of momentary freedom and these feeble experiences are enough to keep the mind trapped, for decades. Living in hope eventually, after decades, turns into despair.
The oscillation between hope and despair is bound into the nature of duality. The one that is tossing back and forth is a fictional me.

That me is NOT the essential being.
It knows nothing at all.
It is like a thief it borrows all of the pure and natural functions and claims them for itself and yet it has no substance of itself. It is nothing but a habitual belief.
Its ground is revealed to be non-existent and that can only EVER be revealed in this present moment.
THIS is obvious.

In believing oneself to be a seeker, what seekers always miss is that this moment is THIS MOMENT.
Everything reveals itself in THIS MOMENT.
There is NO other moment.
The word moment implies time but the meaning of the words this moment is not about time. THIS MOMENT is the unchanging nature of Presence.

The Presence IS THIS Knowing right now. It is not a particularization of knowing something. THIS is simply the activity of KNOWING.

In recognizing THIS one may have a sense of being struck by a solidity beyond description. The me is shattered. It may re-group in time as the mind tries to assimilate, what for it is a disappearing experience.
In staying with the direct and immediate experiencing, all such activities are seen to be insubstantial appearances.
There is no one to let go of them. They are nothing but habitual beliefs.
They have NO power whatsoever.

There is NO spiritual self-image, no me and nothing to acquire.
What you seek, you already ARE.
That seeking dissolves into this moment into the nature of recognition and recognition in its essence is pure cognition KNOWING.



Who is seeing?

The clear and precise intelligence in one who has truly realized THIS, has no interest in telling elaborate stories about how it was achieved. Nothing has been achieved at all all that happens is the stories are seen through.
All mind content is known for what it is no concerns over the past and the habitual fears about the future have fallen away altogether.

There is no dependence on any thing in the present, past or future.

There is no indulgence or interest in looking back into memory, it is known in an absolute sense, that there is no point in dragging up the story of the journey - and it is known for certain that there is no use in imposing those stories onto others, as if they had some relevant importance.
It cannot benefit anyone.

You may notice that almost all teachers indulge in 'their story of attainment' - and 'seekers', through ignorance, want to imitate that 'story'. - It is all useless.

In the direct pointing, above all else, there is no impulse to imply that someone else should do some sort of practice not even one tiny practice, no practice whatsoever none at all. - This fact alone eliminates 99.99% of teachers - useless, except as someone to imitate. - What joy can there be in that? - Endless notions of 'becoming' is self delusion on all fronts - the teacher is included in that conceptualized realm of mind stuff.

In the direct pointing, there is a knowing that all of the appearance of how things are, is nothing but an appearance of being it has no substance whatsoever and the illusion of pushing some concepts via 'suggestion' about some elusive substance of being, all concerning the re-arrangement of things, so that enlightenment can come, that is known in an absolute sense to be a trap for the mind.

The natural state is present - it is just ignored. - It cannot 'come' because it already IS.
Stop ignoring it.
What is TRUE, along with a natural compassion, prevents any such ideas about elaborate time bound methods and practices from misleading the unwary, they never pass through the lips of 'the true messenger'.
The true messenger does not 'play a game' of being anyone 'special'. - He delivers the message. - There is NO interest in collecting 'followers'.

THIS presence of knowing can never be about any kind of 'appearance' of any notions of BECOMING because it already IS As it always has been.

We overlook the natural state of simple 'presence with what is and go off in the mind with stale old habitual beliefs. Those beliefs cannot stand up to a clear and precise investigation of the substance they are believed to contain. Dont be put off by some teacher saying that the investigation is just more seeking. INTELLIGENCE and SEEING belong to 'presence-awareness' - the close examination of beliefs is revealed to be insubstantial, transient 'mind-content'.
This revelation is totally radical, from the perspective of mind.

Yet it is totally ordinary from the perspective of simple 'silent being' and seeing what is.

Telling this, does not win me any friends in 'the spiritual circle'. - The spiritual 'business' is rife with practices and methods all leading nowhere at all - good for business though - "good on 'em".
The messenger may appreciate an expression of gratitude but it is not sort after.
If your teacher has these qualities then you may well have found a true messenger.

When I first found your e-book Everything is Clear and Obvious, I remember well, reading it, and that night the sleeping was very good I slept well. - And the next day, in the waking state, it was like, I am in the background witnessing all that happens. Later that view, (which is probably the 'knowing' you refer to) that view later seemed to diminish, it is like the personality, that type of limited perspective, came again." Sergio

Yes, all manner of things appear in that 'knowing', that open view whatever appears in and on that, they are all transient appearances.
The habit is to believe that "I am in the mind", a character in the body. See it for what it is. - The body and the mind content both appear on awareness.

If the body (your body) is the 'first pattern' to appear in the experience of the world (for you) - The first 'thing' you see is 'space' and the body appears in that space - and if that pattern, which we usually associate our 'self' with, the body, is not recognized as an appearance also - then that is the obscuring factor.
Where are you seeing from? - Is it not from that space? - Does it have any boundary?
Does it have a form? - A color? - Is it not spaciousness itself?

This spacious open view is always here it is the very nature of 'being', of awareness itself. It is the basis of every experience, prior to whatever the mind translates it into.
It is knowing.

Note: The mentioned e-book is a free download-able pdf file on the shining through the mind website - top right hand side of screen.  http://nondualitynotes.blogspot.com/200 … eeing.html


Hi Gilbert, - Sometimes there is a seeing of the personality as a thought. - It is so simple that I can hardly believe it. - The seeing is usually brief and followed by a sort of return to the previous way of perceiving. - Is it really this simple?
I see the seen but not the seer. - The seeing seems to just happen out of nothing.
Is nothing the seer?

Although there are occasional 'glimpses' of this seeing, the understanding is not on gut-level. - I still suffer, although there is an increased ability to let emotions and states just be and float on by at their own pace.
Sometimes I feel almost desperate, because I really, really want to understand this now. - I do not want to seek anymore, I want to live. - I do not want to be obsessed by this anymore.
Best regards Jens.


Yes, it is so simple we miss it.
SEEING is happening. - Always.
There is No seer that has any independence or substance 'apart' from SEEING.
There is NO 'entity' that is seeing anything. - Believing there is is just a thought.
The 'thinker' is a thought.
"I am thinking" is just another thought appearing in the knowing-seeing.
It is the emptiness that is seeing-knowing.
This emptiness is not a void - it is pure intelligence.
There is no benefit or harm in it for anyone.
Believing there is is just a thought.
There never was a 'someone'.
The 'person' is NOT reality.

Whatever you see is not you.
The 'seer' is a thought only - 'I see'.
Have a look - does that 'I' have any substance?
If it did, surely you would know that by now. - You are not a fool and yet this obvious fact has eluded you. - Why?
The duality of 'the seen' and 'the seer' are only appearances in SEEING.

You say you want to stop seeking - that 'you' is nothing but thought based habits.
That 'you' may want to add substance to 'itself' by attaching itself to anything and everything - but nothing works for long.
What you actually ARE can never seek - because it is already THAT. - Start there as THAT and then the seeking cannot even 'get off the ground'.

The moments of seeing clearly (the glimpses) you speak of are moments when the 'me' is absent. - The 'space' in which a 'thick forest' appears in, is always there, whether deforestation happens or not.

These glimpses appear to come and go - but is that actually true?
The momentary glimpse of the Ocean does not mean the Ocean disappears. - SEE what it is that seemingly obscures the view. - It is inevitably 'mind content'.

The seeing is always present - what comes and goes is the thoughts, concepts, images etc.

In the appearance of 'things' you identify yourself with (those) thoughts.

My advice is: Drop them - and just BE the seeing.

Even though this is pointed out over and over, no one seems to hear it - actually quite a few have heard it and seen the truth of it - but generally the habit of identifying will not allow any 'space of knowing' to remain uncluttered. - The nature of mind is to divide. - Even though it has no power at all, that habit of believing in a 'me' reappears simply because it is believed in and never questioned.
WHO is it that believes it?

See if you can find any substance to that self-center that you believe is 'you'.
That is what needs to happen - it cannot be done by a 'you' - intelligence 'does' it.
Be that intelligence that you ARE.

Yes, it is indeed so very simple. - But you must persist in this examination - this exploration of what you are.
The mind will not want to stay with it - it will throw up all manner of diversions because that is the habit.
Do not hold onto anything - let the thoughts flow freely, let them appear and disappear - do not take delivery of them. - They will be 'Returned to sender' - They will lose their apparent 'attraction' and will recede into being only transparent 'visitors' or a slight 'buzz' in the background.

Realize this profundity: What you truly are has NEVER stepped OUT of presence.

You ARE present and aware - As Bob says: 'you are not asleep'.
Awareness is not a concept.
The concept about awareness is just a name, a concept.

Write again if needs be.

Warm regards - Gilbert.



Irrespective of what you think - Being IS.

On the 'other side' of what is true, there are hundreds of 'teachers' who make a very comfortable lifestyle out of telling very indirect messages - elaborate stories of enlightenment and about the 'becoming' process - and that nonsense keeps thousands and thousands of seekers bound into erroneous notions of 'trying to become' those same conceptualized fabrications of mind - and the irony of it all is that no one EVER becomes anything other than what they ARE - they can certainly 'pretend' to have 'become' enlightened and many do - and they tell their stories about 'my amazing experiences of enlightenment' and 'how' 'I' achieved it - and make hundreds pay over and over for listening to their stories and their 'special' advice. - When I read their words the 'hooks' usually appear in the very first sentence - to suck you into the story.
They appeal to the 'spiritual ego' almost exclusively and it works very well for them.

The direct message does not suck anybody into a story - it pulls you out of stories altogether....and reveals the LIVING PRESENCE of what you ARE.....right NOW.

There is no personalized achievement to BEING.

Take a look.

Where did you get that body that you call your own?
Did you achieve that? - Did you make the life force that flows through that body?

The obvious self-pride of these teachers is just a puffed up believed in story about 'self'.

Is that what 'we' are looking for? - To become like them?

Oddly enough, few are grateful for hearing the direct message - because in most cases it is rejected almost instantly by the habitually engrossed mind. - A few manage to 'stay with it' and absorb the message of what is being pointed out. - They could be said to be 'the lucky ones'.

Today's Note:

Your freedom lies in this immediate presence.
If you look for it with the mind it cannot be found.
The mind is time, duration. Your true nature is timeless.
There is nothing you can 'do' to 'get to' (implies distance and time) this freedom simply because it is timelessly present.
It is not hidden yet it appears to be hidden - for the biased 'seeker'.
The seekers 'journey to freedom' is nothing but a mental journey, imagination, image-ing, a journey seemingly made by 'a thought' (the seeker).
It is all 'made of' concepts, images it is nothing but a failure to find, as soon as the first (virtual) step is taken.
In a realm of belief the 'I' is conceptually moving away from the natural state.
The only time that erroneous belief is seen through is in 'this moment of clear sight'.
There is no other moment of clear sight - this is it - you have never left 'this moment'.

The dualistic mind is the fruit of one of two trees in 'the Garden of Eden'.
The other tree is The Tree of Life.
This symbolism is significant.
One tree symbolizes 'living being' and the other symbolizes the realm of polarized thought, good-bad, right-wrong etc.
We inadvertently ignore the natural state and 'go with' thoughts, concepts and ideas - usually, if not always, about some other place or some other time.
In this way, 'this moment', of the actuality, is 'apparently' occupied by 'other-ness'. The ACTUAL 'present evidence' of THIS immediate living presence is ignored, not noticed - even though it registers cleanly and precisely - irrespective of the mind content.
(Understanding is not via the naming of things.)

Take a closer look, have you not been chasing after things, which you have projected from your own mind?
Things we have been told about, 'things' we have been seduced into believing, without any sensible questioning of these things.
Erroneous beliefs cannot withstand a clear investigation.
Why should we believe anything that we cannot verify for ourselves?
There are so many who 'pretend' to be clear seeing, those who are seduced by their own self-image, who seemingly lead us off on a wild goose chase.
The more the merrier.
Is it our own indulgence in a false self-center, 'me', that blinds us to seeing through all those stories about a 'journey' to a future time?

The radical nature of direct pointing goes over the heads of so many.
Is it because it cuts through 'time' and leaves THIS present moment bare, naked?

Seeing this is not via concepts.

Glazed eyes, or a turning away, belongs to the resistance to letting go of 'old ideas' about who and what we 'think' we are a resistance to actually seeing what is true about ourselves.

What could be more pertinent than to find out what I am?
What I truly am.
Freedom from all methods and practices (time and duration) freedom from all these things lies in this immediate presence, totally available but not as a person.

The persona is the mask, a mere appearance it is not the true nature.
That mask, if believed in takes on the nature of a prison - a 'cage of limitations'.
Freedom from all this stuff is not to be found in the ruminations of the restless mind.
Decades may pass by, while so many go on and on asking the question Who am I?
These ones are nothing but the non-recognition of the fact that the foundation of 'the one asking the question' is nothing but a thought, an idea.

It is an appearance in mind - a mere concept. - Why is this so difficult to see? - It is so obvious yet the habitual engagement with thought is not challenged - because 'I' still believe 'I am' these thoughts or at least the owner of these thoughts - which lends them 'my identity'.

Illusions of mind will not dissipate just by wishing them to. - They must be released and seen for what they are.
The only way 'out of the mind' is to stop. Cease from thought for a moment and allow the subtle nature of silent being to reveal itself.
Dont hold onto some idea that silence is the key.
Once this silent being is recognized clearly, it does not mean thought ceases to appear.
No, thought will always appear and disappear.
It is the stream of consciousness.
All we need is to recognize it for what it is.
The unruly mind will lose its restless nature once the habit of believing is cracked believing that thoughts are reality.

You can pull these words apart and argue as much as you want about them or any words at all or you can recognize what it is that I am pointing at.
It is not up to me.
The resonance of being itself is the potentiality the ONLY potentiality irrespective of what you or anyone thinks.

Email: Quote from the above: There is no other moment of clear sight - this is it - you have never left 'this moment'

The above is very clear and crystal. - It is what we are. - It sees through the folly of seeking. -We are searching for our very self, our being which we already are. - It is as you say foolish. - It is the knowing and seeing the present moment, the Now, without the thought, without the movement of time. - It is not even hidden if we don't think it is hidden, even though it may be invisible. - Like you say it is clear and obvious. - We can see it clearly if we are not worried about seeking and searching by thinking.

Thanks again, - Sincerely, - M.

Reply: Seeing and knowing THIS is happening before the mind translates anything. Seeing is not affected by time - the appearance of this thing called 'time' is appearing in the seeing. - Therefore, seeing is timeless. - The mind translations appear with apparent duration within THIS clear SEEING. So in effect, all the mind can 'do' is make up a story about THIS via labels and words, all learned and they are from memory - the past. - So 'we use' the past to inform us about the present and believe in these translations.

The understanding is 'beyond the mind', it is actually silent, wordless - it is THIS totally immediate knowing presence.
What I am, what you are, has never been anything but THIS.
This information cannot mean anything unless the resonance of its obviousness is actively present. - If the mind is caught in 'translation time' it remains meaningless mumbo jumbo.



Incomprehensible for mind - yet natural for being.

Incomprehensible for the dualistic mind. - Being is Knowing.

Being a slave to concepts about special states of being is foolish.

Let me state clearly that there are no concepts being indulged in here. - I have no investment in a self-image, that I am 'someone special' or that something special has happened to me. - I have not attained any state of being - either enlightenment or whatever name you want to give it. - It could be said that it is 'the ordinary' that contains the miraculous. - We overlook the ordinary 'pure functions of being' and go looking for some 'thing', some idea of 'becoming' - imitating what is suggested to us by 'suggestion' itself. - We ignore the FACT of wonderment - the fact of our own being - just as we are. - What a miracle.

You may imagine that you are in the process of becoming you may have been given many tools to achieve your desire of becoming something more than what you are.
Who is the observer of this becoming?
Is that anything stable?

Is it not merely thoughts about becoming and self-assessments, more thoughts and judgments made about some self-analysis?
Where do all of these activities take place?
Isnt it all simply an appearance in being?

We can re-arrange the furniture in our minds but nothing of this activity will ever become anything but what it is.
The appearances cannot be THAT, which is unchanging, that 'one without a second' they are appearances and they cannot be that changeless fact of being, it is THAT, the changeless, in which ALL the appearances appear. - You are THAT - not the transient appearances - That fact is obviously here right now and it permeates this living moment - totally ascertainable (for anyone at all, right here, right now) because it is a FACT. - What prevents the seeing of that fact? - It can only be mind stuff that gets in the way. - Drop it.

Some say that such expressions are from the Absolute, not from where they see things from. - The fact is that ALL true SEEING is not actually 'happening' via the mind's content. - The translations of the mind cannot SEE. - These translations appear to be so quickly 'on the scene' we habitually believe that this 'believed in entity' is seeing - is knowing. - It is simply NOT true. - There is only ONE Seeing happening. - Where are you Seeing from? - Don't be tempted by any 'idea' about that. - Where is the seeing happening? - This question delivers the mind to beyond its realm. - No conceptual answer can satisfy - Frustration or denial is a usual response. - The SEEING is prior to all concepts. - Calling it an 'Absolute View' which only a 'sacred few' have access to is just a story for the mind. - Believing in stories in preference to the actuality is an 'insubstantial problem'. - A problem that dissolves instantly if it is truly questioned thoroughly and actually.

Believing in the process of becoming is the error.

99.999% of teachers are guilty of proliferating concepts of becoming.

It is all useless and it leads you consistently away from the obvious FACT of Being.
Place your trust in one who points directly at the facts.

Is it not obvious that all these years of following the practices of becoming have not led you anywhere that fabulous and imaginary realization keeps slipping out of view. It remains up ahead somewhere in the future. - It will continue to do so because it is only a concept. Being a slave to concepts about special states of being is foolish.
Stop ignoring the natural state of simple being. It is non-conceptual.

I can almost hear a reply. That is too difficult, to just simply be.
Why is that so difficult?
Are you so sold on the idea of making effort, that the simplicity of being is turned into an unattainable thing?
Being is Being is Being.

A lion is not making an effort to be a lion. - Effort may appear in the activity of a lion chasing a deer - the Being of the lion or the deer is not changing or becoming anything but what it is. - Why do you imagine that you can become something 'greater' than what you are? - Because it has been suggested and it has been believed in - that is why.
Mere concepts - concepts that fill a space called 'mind' and thus an ignoring of natural being as one is, seemingly takes us away from that simplicity of 'being what I am'.

Being is there timelessly, naturally, 'before' such erroneous efforts are even indulged in.
Being requires NO effort whatsoever. effort appears in being - not for the sake of being. - No person has ever become more than the being-ness. The person is just a bunch of thoughts. - See if you can stand on those beliefs. - They are an erroneous foundation - a delusion. ("Build your house on the Rock - not on the shifting sands")
Many aspirants go into hiding at this point, the shutters come down and a defensive mechanism kicks in. - Reaction is behavior - not being.

Why is simply being so difficult?

Being has nothing to do with that believed in entity called me.
The me is a fictional character. It has NO Being whatsoever it is only belief.
Empty rhetoric about "that me must be what I am because there is no separation".. is flimsy intellectualizing it is 'a cowards excuse', NOT to investigate that me and truly find out what is real about it, if anything.
Habitual resistance, to really taking a good look, is like a fortress wall around the me.
A self-made prison full of fictional drama and suffering all of it is unnecessary.
"I can't let go of this idea about 'who' I am, because if I let go of that, who or what will I be?" - Like the man who couldn't knock on God's door - self-exiled because the courage to really KNOW was smothered by self-doubts.

All these points may be a bit sharp, too probing for the average seeker.
It is not meant for them - they get what they need through beliefs - they are not happy - but they won't hear what is being offered - so what else can be done?

No matter how sharp it appears to be, it really needs to be looked into putting it off is tantamount to another ten year sentence in that cage of limited views.

We must recognize that the open view of 'simply being present to what is', is clear.
It is the belief in what the mind brings into the picture, that is what 'seemingly' clouds the view.

A certain concept may appear to help but if it is clung onto, it will obscure the view with a mind set, which is not the clear view at all.

Our habit is to believe what the mind translates from 'what is'.
All the while, 'What is' is totally available 'ever-prior' to mind translations.
In the midst of a 'sticky belief' the clear view is actually unobstructed for BEING, which is the SEEING itself.
For the believed in 'entity', all it has is concepts and it cannot truly see anything at all.
There is only one SEEING happening - and the 'me' is nothing but an appearance in that seeing. - See that fact and relax in being.



No concept can ever be the SEEING-KNOWING

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Note: Anyone who has not listened to the interviews with Mark West and wishes to do so: Click HERE.
Mark West is the 'author' of "Gleanings from Nisargadatta" a book of clear notes from Maharaj's meetings in Bombay in 1976-77. - An excellent record of the 'teaching'.
You can order the book by clicking HERE.

Today's note:

The major religions all point at Non Duality.
One can usually find clear evidence of this in the opening statements of their teachings. However, this is usually bypassed and everyone gets into the endless stories about personal stuff.
One without a second means exactly that.
There is no duality in Non Duality.
There never was any entity ever at no point in any time was there ever any entity freed from bondage or caught in any phenomena whatsoever.
Seeing this FACT is the liberation of the idea of being a self.
It is called Self-Liberation. - But get this point clearly: It is not a self that is liberated.
It is liberation from the 'idea' of being a 'self'.
That fact alone pulls the rug out from underneath just about every teaching there is.
There is NO separate individual to be liberated or not.
This can't be included in popular teachings because it would send them bankrupt very quickly. - Their 'high maintenance' 'capital' is based on a fraud, any way you look at it.
How long, how many years has your guide kept you 'on the Path'?
Why? - Because he or she does not really know the truth of it - they have not been liberated from the concept of 'me' themselves. - Why else would they tell stories about time and laborious work? - Blah, blah, blah.

'Who' is it that is treading the Path to 'self-liberation'?

Being IS.

'Becoming' never arrives at BEING. - It remains as a conceptual construct - a bondage for an erroneous believed in character 'ME'.

The natural function of seeing is happening.
In that seeing it can be quite easily cognized that there is no self-center.
Where that is seen from is a clear and empty space some call it space-like awareness.

All of the drama of religions and the personal search is due to an ignoring of our natural state. - It is extremely simple but the habit of believing is seemingly hard to break.

As long as I take myself to be a person then the liberation from self remains elusive.
Expressing a clear message about this requires clear intelligence.
Intelligence that is burdened by a bias called me is never clear.

Many so-called teachers speak with a heavy bias and it is this bias of me that actually makes them popular because the seeker can remain in its 'state of seeking' and not have to confront the fact that the me is a fiction even though it is this same me concept that is the sufferer and the seeker, that fact is not exposed clearly.

Extremely contorted compromises are observable in the relationships between many gurus and their devotees.
Some are absurdly manipulated contortions full of suffering.
The direct message bypasses all such messy relationships.

No one is contracted into time bound service.
The clear message is delivered over and over until it is heard and acted upon.
Hence forth, the message is no longer needed but it is still expressed for those others who are still searching.
Even that situation is a mirage.

Who does not see this?

Seeing is happening.

'My' reply to a posted question:

1. Reading happens. - The words have been learned - no entity there. - All that happens is a recognition happens - it is clearly seen that there is no one in the thinking - the thinker is merely another thought - thinking spontaneously appears and disappears.

This must be seen and recognized - it is useless as a concept only.

2. Can you separate the reading from the thoughts that arise from the reading?
Decisions are seemingly made - dont take my word for it - HAVE a look - SEE if you can find a decision MAKER. - There is not much point looking for conceptual support for the habitually identified mind pattern called me. - You wont find any. - All that seemingly happens is that we keep propping up a fabricated self-image. - It is not a small point to say that most seekers have no wish to see through the bondage of self. - There is just too much invested in it - and lots of stories of progress already made by that entity.

We build our house on the shifting sands of the mind - or a castle in the air - all made of concepts.
That is the old saying Build your house on the ROCK - Rock symbolizes what is true or Truth. - Know the truth and the truth will set you free etc.
Beliefs need to be questioned - or they will bind the mind in endless time.

We think we are so important within our erroneous beliefs.
We chisel our definitions and cling to insubstantial things that are only transitory appearances in the mind - There is no mind apart from thought - so it is more correct to say these transitory appearances, thoughts, concepts and images ALL appear nowhere other than in or on awareness.

Has any one of them ever stayed stuck in the head or mind? - No.
They may appear to go around and around but they all disappear without one exception.
Have a look now.

Dont they all disappear from view when you really look?
Understanding is in BEING - not the mind.

BE - just BE.

Stop trying to become something other than what you ARE.
Be what you are.

It is very, very simple - yet so FEW actually take a good look at the believed in self-centre.
While taking a good look for that self-center, ask yourself this: Where am I seeing FROM?
The arguments that are often put forward are all postures taken in the dualistic nature of mind, a posture taken by a believed in entity.

This is so obvious. - If you are so convinced that this decision maker exists - then why not decide right NOW to investigate the me? - And SEE IF it is true and real.
Dont get me wrong - I am not being rude - just being direct. - People dont like direct because is disturbs the illusions of that imaginary entity.

Then they complain that they just dont get it. - It is too difficult etc.
Endless blah, blah, blah is not going to bring anything fresh and new.
This moment is fresh and new - is that not so very, very obvious?
So many extremely direct pointers, free of time stories, are available and seekers expect to be spoon fed, or roasted pigeons to fly into their mouths, while they lay back in a hammock in the sun.
All it takes is ONE clear view of the fact that there is NO me there - and the whole story of me dissolves.
It will arise again but it has lost it intensity - it cant grasp you because you have seen through it. - Where are you SEEING from?

It is not from a concept in the mind.



The Profound Evidence is (the) Knowing.

Today's Note is not for the timid or the meek and mild - in fact many will not be able to follow what is being pointed out - if only one does, then these words are not wasted - As Nisargadatta pointed out about what he was expounding: "There are no customers for this knowledge".

Those who gather customers (seekers) are not telling it straight - because they obviously don't know the essence of it clearly. - Ironically, it seems, this one here makes virtually no money from this 'pointing' at what is true. - If there was any ambition here, this 'knowledge' could 'set me up' into a very comfortable life style, with hundreds of followers and all the trappings that come with it, women hanging around like flies, all wanting some 'shaktipat' or whatever you call 'it'.

- Not even a thought of such things can survive here, not for even 2 moments. - The direct message must be told. - It cannot have any conditions placed before it. - Payment is not a prerequisite. - It may 'come after' or not. - Whether gratitude arises anywhere for these expressions, is not of any concern to 'me' because there is no 'me'.
The 'seeker' is 'self-absorbed' illusion - a pattern of energy. - There is no self - 'who' really wants to know that?

The Profound Evidence is (the) Knowing.

The Knowing is the Profound Evidence. - They are One.

No separation.

The most profound evidence of reality is right here, right now. The only reason it is not recognized is because of reason itself thought patterns apparently obscure reality. The obviousness of space is overlooked in the same way that this profundity of presence is overlooked.

The reality that 'you are' is THAT in which space and time appear space and time are known from beyond space and time These attributes of the manifestation appear or register on THAT 'knowing', which is not actually subjected to clarity, nor to obscurity. No matter how much thought is given to this no matter how much effort is made to perceive THAT fact those activities are only appearances in THAT direct and immediate cognition. - This subtle point is registering in that knowing and the description, and the images in mind, are never the 'thing' being described.

That is a movement in mind, a process, in time.

Knowing is not in time - it never budges from THIS Instant. - It is only the description and mentation that seemingly moves away (into a landscape of thought) - but even that has no existence except AS the immediate vibration that IT IS.

Such information may still the mind. - The wonder of 'knowing' itself may arise (or not).

Any concept about an entity being present in THAT knowing, is only 'a transient appearance'. It has NO duration at all. - Repeated belief lends those appearances in mind an apparent duration and 'being'. - 'The source' of noticing this fact (or anything at all) is knowing and the mind content is an 'appearance'. - It may be an appearance of a turning point, a 'profound insight' one that has no actual physical existence in space or time and it is totally impersonal. - It remains 'as if' totally stationary - it is THIS knowing-presence.

In THAT, there is no one (no separate pattern of energy) to indulge in fantasies or stories of someone that is 'enlightened'. - All such talk is fanciful notions and belongs to dualistic mind. - This is known to be true in your own essence.

One cannot, and need not, place oneself anywhere 'apart' from the 'knowing' - THIS knowing has no detectable form or location.

The simplicity of whatever is happening (right now, as always) is registering in the knowing. In THAT there is No knower and No known - No Subject and No object. It is Non Dual. - ALL Inclusive. - Reality.
Because there is no separation, there is no one that can separate this knowing from whatever it is that is known - except conceptually (mind stuff). - To believe that there is, is mere transient content of mind. - No proof can ever support it - but such facts are avoided by the mind, because it is 'too close for comfort'.

A cognitive Scientist may spend a life time trying to establish what the 'I' is. - He remains searching with nothing to rest on - nothing substantial - all he has is theories. - Theories are patterns in the mind. - Not a lot to show for a life times work.

The activity of knowing is the foundation of every experience 'the activity of knowing' is not what the mind translates that or any experiencing into.

This is where 'everyone' stumbles - and that could be said to be a natural occurrence because the 'personal approach' is weighted by the bias of an 'attachment'. - The subtle notion of a 'someone', (a thought of being someone) a someone that is wanting a preconceived 'outcome'- which can only ever be more transient content of mind.
The bias of the mind is 'ME'. - The 'me' is NOT reality.

This fact, when it 'finally sinks in', it confounds the intellect and leaves it in a state of poverty (a sense of "I don't really know") - that may transpose as a very subtle experiencing of 'expansion' of this 'space-like awareness'.

(A weight is lifted from being)

The profound revelation that may be so easily missed is that at no point is the intelligence incapacitated. - Intelligence remains throughout all experiencing and apparent ordeals.

Knowing is presence.
One could say that 'intelligence' is witnessing 'the whole universal activity' - all 'time and space patterns' appear in THAT - 'IS That' - Intelligence.

The intelligence and the knowing are ONE.
You KNOW that you exist any expression about that fact is a translation in the mind, words, concepts, ideas. - The expression may be witnessed and known to be only an appearance in what is 'totally indescribable'.

Belief has nothing to do with it. Belief belongs to the realm of dualistic mind. Knowing is at all times beyond the mind content. - We can call it 'Pure Mind' if that helps. - Pure Mind is not limited to any of the content of mind.
What you ARE is 'seemingly connected' to 'the world of impressions' via knowing not via thoughts etc. The entity one may believe one is, depends entirely on mind content. - And that does not have the capacity of knowing - only apparent 'connections'.

The knowing suffuses all.

A lot of people get hot and bothered about who is clear and who is not clear, when it comes to the so-called Non Duality teachers, websites, books and so on. - There has been some not so subtle pointing out of erroneous teachers on this website as well.

It is all futile, nothing but a game of opinions and bias all of it belongs to the appearance of transient things. - Entertainment only.

The point is that when one hears a clear message, it is like 'a hunting dog' picking up on the strong scent of the fox. - Nothing can put that dog off the trail, he is totally one pointed from the moment he picks up the scent. All he needs to do is follow the trail.

In other words: Follow that resonance in being. - Innately we KNOW.
One 'appears' to retrace ones own Being 'back' to this immediate presence - this Knowing.
In this 'way', one need not worry about who is clear and who is not.

You realize that you ARE the space of clarity in which everything appears.and NOTHING can remove 'you' from THAT Knowing.Everything, without exception is known to be an appearance in THAT.
Such profound 'pointing' is not welcome for most 'adherents' because of 'erroneous knowledge' that is being held onto. - Knowledge that some guru or teacher has convinced them is true.
"Who cares?"



So many words - for something so simple

Email: (After several emails)

Hallo again Gilbert, I find in the non-duality community, a lot of confusion. - So many things expressed and talked about, that are not non-dual, but are dual in fact.
There are a lot of things (diversions) - and people want experiences it seems....even virtual experiences.
Regards - Sergio

Gilbert: - Dear Sergio, Yes, the 'community' is an aspect of 'multiplicity', it is all in the appearance of 'things' - it is ONE appearing as 'many'.
There will be no peace for the mind. - 'People' go on and on searching in the mind decade after decade and no peace comes. - Practices, like meditation, may calm the mind temporarily and yoga may help the body be more healthy. - There will only ever be a resolution to the whole riddle 'when' you find out 'what you truly ARE'.

Everything that is expressed about Non Duality MUST and can only be a transient appearance - it is duality - but none of that is what you ARE. - By attaching 'yourself' to any of it, you get drawn in to it, through 'belief'.
What you truly ARE is not in a community, it is the ONE, the ONLY ONE.
The 'purpose' of this 'life' is to realize what you are.
ALL else, everything, without a single exception will draw you into 'the web'.
See that what you are is not moving and in that space of knowing everything appears - it is all 'an appearance' (valid as what it is) - an apparent movement in THIS stationary PRESENCE.

The LIGHT of KNOWING, (which shines ever-before any time realm appears in mind) naturally reveals ALL for what it is. - (It is)Absolutely stable, it shines, appearing as all the energy patterns of the Universe and appearing as 'an emergence' - all expressed as 'change' - from that unchanging singular Essence - THAT is what you ARE. - (Ring a Bell?)

'You' as a believed in 'thing' cannot 'go there' - Going there requires you to be 'somewhere else' and it requires 'time to get there'. - (THIS is all there IS, so...) Start in 'this immediacy' with 'the FACT' that you are ALREADY THAT (This Knowing presence).

This knowing is forever complete just as it is and resides in the essence that you are, AS 'what you are' (It cannot be negated)
The mind is naturally dualistic - it could be said to stop 'direct cognition' from destroying the illusion of separateness. - In believing in the mind content, yes it appears to prevent self-realization.
Yet self-realization is happening - It is Universal - ONE in essence - realizing Multiplicity - just as it IS.

WHO is the arrogant one who WANTS self-realization?

AND who is the one that proclaims to be self-realized?

It is a most revealing insight.

Insight in its very essence is simply SEEING - Knowing what IS.

There is no separation - only an appearance of separation.

SEE that - be the KNOWING of that - drop the content of mind - even for a few moments and be the KNOW-ING - that is all that is required. - That is all that there truly IS, any way you look at it. - The universal is not limited to the individual point of view, obviously.

So 'you' will not see this truth - yet it is absolutely obvious in pure seeing - seeing without a 'seer'. - The seer is a thought only and it obscures if believed in.

See how the mind resists such information. - The character 'me' is the pivotal point of resistance. - In SEEING that conceptual 'appearance' it is recognized for what it is. - It is embraced and like 'the prodigal son' it takes its rightful place.
The mind is there to serve. - It can do a good job but if the tyrant 'me' is holding ground, it brings much confusion - all in duality and the essence of what 'I am' remains untouched. - So in the moment of seeing through it all, a 'feast' is already prepared - The impressions of what truly IS floods in.
Just drop the concepts and SEE.

Whatever resistance comes up - see it for what it is and drop it.

Everything is a concept except that awareness that you ARE.

The concept about that is just a concept....but the reality of it is undeniable.

Warm regards - Gilbert.

When it is said that awareness is 'space-like' - that is a pointer only. - Awareness is like space - it is not 'a thing' - it is formless - it is knowing. - Awareness has no locality, no center and no circumference, just like space.
Try and find a center to that awareness that you are. - Investigate that and discover what you truly are.
What you believe you are is just thought patterns and they have no substance, duration or volume.

Have a look.
As you approach 'things' they evaporate (subatomic particles are suspended in space - in an ordinary sense, everything appears and 'floats' in emptiness.)

The 'point' of view (pure SEEING, without a thought of being a 'seer') has no dimension - it is zero dimension.
Trying to establish oneself as an observer is a fabrication - an appearance - a transient pattern.
We can go around and around in the mind, altering our definitions and by attaching some sort of importance to them we remain ignorant of our true nature.

Habits can be broken.

The formless presence ('knowing') is already present - yet the habituated mind knows nothing about it and so 'seekers' remain on a 'path' that leads nowhere.

The intellect can serve 'us' well....but it can also keep 'us' seemingly trapped - in a world or 'reference points'.
As Bob says: There is no answer in the mind.

Note 2:

From time to time an abusive email arrives in my in-box. - I also hear stories of how certain 'people' dislike me with a passion. - (Who is this 'me' they dislike so much?) - From my experience these characters, most usually, have major 'issues' (usually substance addiction) that they are not facing in themselves. - It is all rather amusing and sometimes it is just plain pathetic.

Those who remain stuck 'in life' do not recognize that 'what they truly are' is not actually 'in life'. - All of their drama is not cut through - it is all believed in. - Yet it is nothing more than concepts appearing on consciousness-awareness. - THAT, what all concepts appear on, remains a mystery for them. -You may easily recognize the fact that 'most of us' avoid 'the truth' as much as possible - until it looms over us and it no longer can be avoided by the mind and its 'character' 'me'. - 'Weave and dodge' is best left to the realm of ball games.

The 'short cut' is right HERE, right NOW. - The mind avoids 'reality' and 'goes with' whatever concepts that arise. - There is no answer in the mind. - The realization is: - that I am this pure and empty 'space of knowing' - and that EVERYTHING, without a single exception, is 'an appearance' - it ALL 'appears' within WHAT I AM.

This equation 'applies' to everyone, without a single exception! - ONE without a second. - So in BEING THIS - THAT, there is no need to contrive anything, no need to impress anyone and no need of a 'spiritual self-image'.
The following 6 notes are too direct for those who dabble in spirituality and should be avoided.

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