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Астральная проекция

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Astral Projection: Ambient Galaxy


How To Astral Project

learn more about astral projection here:


Astral Projection Interview Part 1

Steve G Jone a clinical hypnotherapy, inteview Anne Moss all you need to know about astral projection
Learn more: http://bit.ly/HowtoAstralProject


Intense Astral Projection & OOBE Binaural Beat Session! 25 Minutes!

This is an intense session that uses 5 DIFFERENT binaural frequencies to dial in an incredible astral experience. This video also uses a 111hz base which allows a constant rise of endorphins.

Please do not use while operating machinery.

Best listened to in a decent pair of headphones. (not those apple ear buds)


Simple Formula For Astral Projection, OBEs, and Lucid Dreams

In this video I share with you a simple formula that has given me a high level of success and repeatability with astral travel, out of body experiences, and lucid dreams.

Here's the meditation I mentioned: http://hyperionherbs.com/quick-easy-and … editation/

1. Wake up early in the AM, for me this is around 8-9 am.
2. Meditate for 30-60 mins using binaural beats or some other form of audio entrainment. Focus on relaxation and moving energy.
3. Once the meditation is over, lay down and go back to sleep.

Supplements you could add pre-meditation: L-theanine, Vinpocetine, 5-HTP, Fish Oil


Astral Projecting: Top 5 Fears that Prevent You From Astral Projection

The #1 thing holding you back from enjoying a full astral experience is your fears! You can try and try as much as you like but if you have a fear that's blocking your path, then you won't be able to enter the astral realms. And even if you do your experience may not be as enjoyable or be very brief as you'll fly back into your physical body.

That's why Steve G. Jones has made a video for you guys. He'll be sharing some of the most common fears people have and why these fears are unfounded and how you can dissolve them from your subconscious and conscious minds. Enjoy Watching!

If you want to learn more about Astral Projection go here: http://www.theartofastralprojection.com/blog


Astral Projection, OBE, Lucid dreaming, techniques - lesson 1

What is OBE? It's the same as Astral travel, Astral Projection, OBE, Out-of-Body experience, Lucid dreaming

Astral Projection, OBE, Lucid dreaming, techniques - lesson 2

Out-of-Body travel, OOBE techniques - lesson 3

Lucid Dreaming, Lucid Dreams Techniques - lesson 4

lesson 5

lesson 6

lesson 7

lesson 8

lesson 9


Robert Monroe explains his first OOBE.

Vintage footage of Robert Monroe talking about his book 'Journeys Out of The Body' during The Morning Show, 1979.


Lucid Dream Induction - "The I-Dreamer" - 90-Min Sleep Cycle

Even though they're not required for Isochronic Tones, I recommend using headphones for greater immersion. ***BEFORE YOU START, be sure to skip to the affirmations on 65 mins so that you can adjust the volume to a level which won't startle you.

The low-delta wave in the first 65 minutes will assist in putting you into a deep dreamless sleep.

The next segment features a theta-wave to help transit your mind into REM sleep. A separate theta-wave layer displays the occasional pin pointed-peak at 40 Hz. ("...an EEG machine recorded frequencies in the 40 Hz range in lucid dreamers enjoying a bit of conscious REM..."

There are also a series of recorded vocals to help trigger lucidity, i.e. ''You are dreaming"; "do a reality check", "this is a dream", "you are taking control of your dream" etc. I decided not to use music in this session as I find it to be too distracting for a LD induction.

For faster results, use in conjunction with my other two LD videos, which can be found in my 'Lucid Dreaming' playlist. Also be sure to do constant reality checks throughout the day. This way, when the voice-recording asks you to ''do a reality check'', you will have a greater chance of triggering lucidity.



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